wingdream plush

Designed by Elizabeth Paige Smith




Wingdream™ Plush provides a sanctuary place for cats to snooze the day away.  Patterned after a bug's wing pattern cats will experience nirvana on this super plush pillow. Wingdream is double-sided; soft organic cotton sherpa on one side, linen-like woven hemp on the other.  Hand stamped with our signature birdy and hand-stuffed with our Ultra-Loft fill: post consumer Polyester Fiberfil that is so soft cats feels weightless and locally sourced French Lavender to rejuvenate and soothe the senses.  Dogs dig it too!


  • Type Supa Plush
  • Material Organic Cotton Sherpa / Hemp Canvas; Ultra-Loft fill: Polyester Fiberfill & French Lavender
  • Color Natural
  • Dimensions 36L x 22W x 8H
  • Weight 3 lbs
  • Origin California Homegrown USA
  • Care Cover: Wash Delicate Cycle Cold Water; Dry Flat
  • Assembly

    No assembly

    Wingdream Plush Sell Sheet