Designed by Elizabeth Paige Smith




The Couchette is a double-sided chaise longue providing both a sleeping environment as well as a hiding spot underneath. Multiple sides and angles for sharpening claws. Signature wave-edge texture gives added pleasure for kitty, better handling for owner.  The Couchette stands tall and is designed to attract cats so they may do what comes natural...scratch, sleep, and play.

Select one of two styles of Vanity Plates (sold separately in pairs) to extend the life of the Couchette, offered in Maple Wood or White Acrylic, the Vanity Plates not only preserve they elevate the Couchette's appearance.  

*This is a hand-assembled design and slight variations in the overall dimensions may occur due to the nature of the materials and assembly process.



  • Type Furniture
  • Material Recycled Corrugated Cardboard; 100% Recyclable
  • Color Natural Cardboard
  • Dimensions 30L x 11.5W x 22H (variations may occur)
  • Weight +/- 12 lbs
  • Origin California Homegrown USA
  • Care Dry Brush or Broom or Vacuum
  • Assembly

    No assembly

    Couchette Sell Sheet