dog collection

DOG collection by Elizabeth Paige Smith...It's been a long time coming!  We've started with an expanded collection of supa plush beds to include Wingdream for dogs+++ Made of 100% Hemp canvas these wing-shaped beds provide a new concept for bedding with the introduction of our signature blends of hemp fiber or recycled polyester fill, buckwheat hulls, french lavender.   


Next we're introducing Nest Makura collection, a layering concept for dogs who love luxury in the form of layers and earthy comfort.   Our bedding truly provides unmatched quality bespoke design.  Made individually to order and hand-stamped these are examples of the beginning of the beautiful collections in supa plush beds category for dogs.

In addition to bedding we have introduced a collection of all-natural toys that are incredibly well-made and incorporate our signature silhouettes of the cat and bird++ Filled with our signature blend of hemp fiber, buckwheat hulls and your choice of lavender or even catnip! Yes... some dogs love catnip too!