kittypod collection

Welcome to the Kittypod Collection by Elizabeth Paige Smith. Here you will find unique cohabitation solutions between person and feline by innovative design. Inspired by Elizabeth’s cat Simon, the Kittypod Original premiered in news media in 1998 and is recognized as the archetype design for sculptural scratchable cat furniture. 

The collection has evolved into a wide range of feline furniture, scratchers, beds, and accessories while maintaining eco-friendly design and manufacturing in sunny California, USA.  We continue to lead the industry with our innovative offerings of eco-designed products Made in America.

The collection provides a safe place for cats to engage in their inherent feline rituals: scratching, stretching, jumping, playing, dreaming, lounging, and nesting; while offering a modern and stylish design for any interior. Kittypod designs are collected worldwide and until recently to a very select buyer.  Without compromise, our goals are to work with you in order to expand and cater to the ever-growing collector base and providing them with choice local dealers to share in the experience offering and promoting the best solutions for living harmoniously together.  

We're not just expanding to unfamiliar lands, we are growing our family.  Our path to success is based on relationships.  Our growth has emerged from this foundation of trust and integrity which are engrained into who we are as a company and into every step of the way beyond.  We want you to be part of our family and share in the responsibility of what we stand for hand in hand, paw in hand.